Bodyguard Malaysia Services

Bodyguard Malaysia Services

The Bodyguard Malaysia Services is to offer personal armed plain-clothes bodyguard service for close protection for business executives, business and professional people, to avoid VIPs kidnapping and physical assault and to prevent the threat. A personal security plan can also be tailored to meet individual needs.

Empire Eagle Security service offers bodyguard services in Malaysia and throughout the nation. Keeping you safe and secure is our number one priority, working round the clock to ensure your peace of mind. Our highly experienced bodyguards, are professional and have expert knowledge of the local area. 

Our Bodyguard Malaysia Security Services

We have 9+ years of experience providing bodyguard services in Malaysia and throughout the nation.

Our Clients are:

    • Royal families
    • Politicians, Diplomats
    • Celebrities
    • VVIP
    • VIP
    • Businessmen

Why do You need to Hire a Body Guard Service?

There are many reasons to hire bodyguards. Every situation asks for a different approach. Our tailor-made solutions are the answer for that reason, personal contact with you is of great importance to us.

Whether you are an international politician, celebrity, VIP or need to keep a low profile, we provide Close Protection Officers (bodyguards) and complete bodyguard teams around Malaysia.

Why choose Empire Eagle Security Service

Generally, you will want to hire a bodyguard with experience, and the proper skill set, and the company should have an excellent reputation. 

An experienced bodyguard will have a better understanding of the risks involved in guarding someone. They also know how to handle different situations and know the best ways to avoid them. 

Their experience gives them a sort of sixth sense, so they know when something is not right, which enables them to jump into action before something goes wrong. 

If you are looking to commence a new concierge service, or need a comparison quote, we are available 24/7 to assist you. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Please call us at +603-90553230 or email us at discuss your requirement further.

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