Guard Dogs Security Service

Guard Dogs Security Service

Our Guards Dogs security service Unit is professionally police trained and has undergone sophisticated schooling with their handlers to rise on any occasion to maximise our protection plan. This service is recommended for Ground Prevention and Building Patrol Surveillance. Our clients include warehouses, Stores, Housing Estates, Clubs, Factories and other enclosed property areas in Malaysia.

Empire Eagle Guard Dog Service

  • Guard Dog Service, which comprises a Security Guard and Security Dog, are commonly used to enhance the deterrent factor of static guards
  • At Empire Eagle Security Protective, our handlers are trained and qualified to standards for guard dogs. We provide first-class protection without dogs for a wide range of applications, from event security to commercial industries security and private residential patrols.
  • For hundreds of years, dogs have been used to guard and protect, psychologically demoralizing criminals, thus proven to be a highly effective deterrent factor.

Where can you use the Empire Eagle Dog Guard Security?

  • Construction sites
  • Vacant buildings
  • Warehouses/ Industrial areas
  • Car Parks
  • Residential Security
  • Unrestricted Open area
  • Crime Sensitive areas
  • Sites with Drug problems
  • Sites with limited facilities
  • Events/Large Gatherings Security

Why pick a Guard Dog Security team?

  • These teams are highly cost-effective.
  • Due to a dog’s heightened senses they are able to detect hidden intruders from 300m.
  • A dog lowers the risk to human life as even though the dog is rarely engaged by an intruder, it has the capability to protect itself and its handler.

Why Choose Guard Dog Security?

  • 24 hours control room

  • Allows the control room to check that the guard’s hourly patrol and checkpoints have been completed through an online portal

  • Shows evidence of regular patrols through NFC (Near Field Communication) tags installed around the site (small circular stickers which can be applied discreetly to ‘hot spots or high-risk areas that you want checked on each patrol)

  • Sends incident reports instantly

  • Takes and sends photographic evidence

  • Raises an automatic alarm in the control room for missed patrols and lone worker protection

  • Sends messages even without a signal

  • Resolves lone worker issues

Our 24-hour control room is always on hand to offer advice to the guard and client. Our supervisor will also pay our concierge staff random nightly visits to ensure our high standards are maintained. We will appoint an account manager for your site and ensure we maintain regular contact which will allow you to provide feedback on our service.

If you are looking to commence a new concierge service, or need a comparison quote, we are available 24/7 to assist you. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Please call us at +603-90553230 or email us at discuss your requirement further.

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